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Ineda technology integration

Ineda is specialized in production control systems for high-demand, 24/24h and bottleneck production lines. Ineda has developed an overall production control system for continous processes with mostly consistent high quality product output. This control system takes over and co-ordinates all individual processes in a production line. Remote sensing and diagnostics of in- and output variables induce several calibration and control processes for real-time adjustments and the maintenance of continuous process flows in order to guarantee a consistent quality of the manufacturing process. Ineda’s approach to a true and robust production control system are:

- functional redundancy architecture
improves 24/24h system-reliability. It includes double processor boards, multiple processors of different makes, different operating systems (Linux/Windows), effective bug-tracing and multiple gateways (Profibus, Ethercat, Modbus, Ethernet, ...)

- continuous sensing and (re)calibration
includes real-time diagnoses, automated calibration and adjustments of the system variables, enabling remote diagnostics, remote monitoring and control

- open system integration of alternative modules and new technology
are a flexible way to keep present production lines up to date. Adopting new technology, organized as Industrial Apps, is an excellent strategy to tackle bottlenecks in present production-flows at low technical risks and substantial lower costs.

Investment strategy

Before making investment decisions regarding expensive production lines, a manufacturer will want to tackle technical uncertainties. Another wish is the availability of product prototypes, as physical output examples from these new designed processes, for product quality testing and certification.

One of the first steps that deals with these uncertainties is the development of a CAD-CAM design. Ineda has developed a SolidWorks CAD-CAM design producing full-action, detailed video representations of hardware behavior and product flow. However for physical proof of a smooth running product-line and for product-prototyping, small experimental test-runs should be set up.

Ineda XYZ-Lab: getting it right
Between development (CAD-CAM) and implementation (up-scaling to real proportion production), lies Ineda's unique XYZ-Lab. XYZ-Lab is a down-scaled, real production-line control system. It will enable the production-engineer to compare the results of alternative hard- and software modules in real-time and evaluate actual end-product samples for quality testing and certification

Small scale, true to life test-runs.
A manufacturer will want evidence of prototype quality and smooth production. For experimental test runs, Ineda has developed a robotized XYZ-system, which, in real-time, produces a small product series in nine sequential steps; this XYZ-system has the complete infra-structure of a robust production control system, ideal for flexible set-ups and the fine-tuning of processes and product prototyping. See Ineda’s Industrial Apps.

Ineda digital printing

Here we have an excellent example of how an application can be implemented in an existing, industrial, production line, i.c. replacing old screen-printing technology. Bergstein is specialized in industrial digital printing techniques. Under their label, Ineda has developed and manufactured several one-pass digital printing systems for product heights up to 50 cm. New one-pass printing systems and digital tray systems are being developed.

Industrial printing constitutes many variables THAT need challenging:
- ink mixtures focussed on adherence and colour calibration
- substrate (material, surface smoothness)
- product form (flat, round, edges).

Ineda's XYZ-Lab creates digital printing modules that speed up the integration and fine-tuning of the digital printing procedures, lowering costs substantially. See Ineda’s Digital Printing Systems.

Ineda has the representation and dealership of


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